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Fertile Flow

Fertile Flow

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A fertility journey can be an emotional one. This formula tends to Blood and the Heart as you prepare to welcome your baby home. The herbs work together to move and nourish Blood while also settling the spirit. This is a gentle formula that can be used to optimize fertility. Fertile Flow tends to the Water aspect of Blood in a generative way.


- Reducing menstrual cramping
- Easing the flow of blood
- Minimizing clotting
- Improving the endometrial lining for implantation
- Processing emotions held in the womb space


Use approximately ½ an ounce per steam session. For this formula that equates to approximately 1/4th cup of plant material. This yields approximately 10 steam sessions. You can increase the dosage for greater potency if needed.


Mugwort, motherwort, schisandra, rose

Chinese Pinyin: Ai ye, yi mu cao, wu wei zi, mei gui hua

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All the good things inside.


This herb warms the womb and relieves pain. It works with motherwort to regulate menstruation. 


This herb invigorates the Blood and harmonizes the Womb Heart channel, which can release anxiety or fear around conception.


This stabilizing herb nourishes the Kidneys to support healthy egg quality and menstrual flow, while also calming the Shen (mind). 


This herb moves Qi and supports the Heart alongside the other herbs in this formula.

There are many beautifully hand-crafted steam chairs available to purchase online; however, if you want to get started right away and give it a try first this is a simple setup that you can easily put together with items you have at home. You'll need a medium sized pot with a lid, your herbal steam blend, a light sheet, some pillows and possibly a towel.

Our simple step by step guide

  1. Fill the pot with clean water about 2/3rds full and add 3-4 Tbsp of the herbal blend.
  2. Bring water to a boil and reduce to simmer for 10 minutes with lid on. 
  3. Setup where you'll be steaming either using a couch or bed. The pot will go on the floor when ready and you'll be kneeling over the pot while leaning forward with your upper body resting on the couch or bed. Have pillows available for your head and arms. Grab a sheet or a light blanket to wrap around your waist and place a towel on the floor if it's not carpeted (don't burn your floor!).
  4. Carefully move the pot with cooked herbs to your steam location, keeping the lid on. Place it on the towel (carpet is fine too). 
  5. Undress from waist down.
  6. Check steam temperature by removing the lid and using the palm of your hand over the steam.
  7. If it feels too hot, wait 15-30 seconds and check again.
  8. When the temperature feels good (warm but not too hot), carefully place your knees to each side of the pot. Again if it feels too hot, take a short break and return. 
  9. Wrap the sheet or light blanket around you from the waist down to keep the steam in.
  10. Lean forward and rest for 10-15 minutes. Enjoy!

Reminder, healing is in all ways possible and only you can discern if this is the right herbal support for you. Some people choose to speak with a healthcare professional before taking a new herbal product. Womb Medicine products are designed to support your vital life force. They do not prevent or treat dis-ease in the body, your innate wisdom does that!