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Support Your Spleen

Support Your Spleen

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Support Your Spleen combines some of the best Spleen tonics for a gentle yet effective dual extract formula that can benefit digestion, decrease anxiety and even improve metabolism. The Spleen is an important organ of the digestive system according to Chinese Medicine. With the help of the Stomach, it “transforms and transports” food for the body to use as energy. The Spleen also plays a key role in Blood production and keeping Blood in the vessels.

The Spleen supports thyroid function as well as hormonal regulation through its relationship to Blood and Qi. Because the Spleen also supports the rising of clear Yang to the head, it can clear the mind and relieve brain fog.


Healing Spleen Qi deficiency, which can show up as:

- Digestive challenges - constipation, loose stools, diarrhea, bloating etc
- Low appetite
- Depression or anxiety
- Rumination or worrying
- Pale complexion and low energy
- Heavy menstruation or lack of menstruation
- Spotting before flow or during ovulation
- Puffy, pale tongue often with teeth marks on the sides
- Cold hands and feet
- Bruising easily
- Prolapse


Take 2-3 dropperfuls twice per day or as needed. Use consistently for best results. One dropperful is approximately 30 drops.


Atractylodis root, codonopsis root, chinese yam, job’s tears, poria, licorice root spring water, GF grain alcohol

Chinese pinyin: Bai zhu, dang shen, shan yao, yi yi ren, fu shen, gan cao

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All the good things inside.

Atractylodis Root

A common Qi tonic that supports a healthy appetite while also benefiting digestion and decreasing fluid accumulation.

Codonopsis Root

This is a classic Qi tonic that supports both the Lungs and the Spleen. It also has an affinity for Blood through its support of the Spleen. It is really beneficial for chronic, dry coughing, fatigue and body tiredness.

Chinese Yam

A gentle Spleen and digestive tonic that also nourishes Yin, supports regulated blood sugar and combats fatigue. 

Job’s Tears

This herb clears heat and balances the warming herbs in the formula. It also decreases any dampness which can show up as inflammation or skin outbreaks. 


This herb strengthens the Spleen by draining dampness (fluid accumulation) and harmonizing digestion. It also quiets the spirit and soothes the nervous system. 

Licorice Root

This herb harmonizes the formula, clears any heat, alleviates pain and increases Qi. 

Reminder, healing is in all ways possible and only you can discern if this is the right herbal support for you. Some people choose to speak with a healthcare professional before taking a new herbal product. Womb Medicine products are designed to support your vital life force. They do not prevent or treat dis-ease in the body, your innate wisdom does that! 

  • Dilute in water or juice.

  • Add to your daily tea.

  • Drop it right into your mouth followed by a sip of water.